Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nadini Premadasa sexy hot photos

A favourite among most young people, in last season's Sirasa Super Star competition, this versatile singer is our cover girl this week. When we caught up with her, 20 year – old Nadini Premadasa, was in the midst of travelling out station to work on an upcoming commercial, one of the many things she's involved with at the moment. "I have been performing in a couple of shows and doing some commercials these days. Apart from that I've just completed one video for one of my singles "Guru Parata," which is yet to be released," she said. Work is also in progress for her album, scheduled to be released in May.

"About twelve Super Stars will be releasing individual albums with Sirasa, and I'm working on mine as well." Completing her schooling two years ago, she awaits entrance into the Faculty of Performing Arts, at the University of Colombo, and is currently following a degree in Business Management. "Since I'm so busy with all my other involvements, I have put my lectures on hold for the moment, but will be getting back to them soon!" Talking about the experience of participating in the Sirasa Super Star competition, she spoke of the various challenges that come with such a level of competition. "It sn't easy. We all worked very hard, practiced hard, and it was certainly a tight contest. There were about 51,000 contestants, so it was tough, but I came to the top five, and that was a great achievement."


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