Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Arjun ni Dengina Manju Aunty

Sanjjanaa (bujjigadu fame) is currently acting in Posani Krishna Murali’s Dussasana film. There is a rumor that she has acted topless in one of the scenes of the film. Sanjjanaa clarified that there is such a scene in the movie, but she wore a double layered top in which the bottom layer is of skin color. The bust part was blurred on the screen to get real effect. As the title suggests Dussasana's mythological figure is known for pulling away the saree of draupadi. A similar scene is shot in this movie with Sanjjanaa. Since the scene was of aggressive and violent nature, a plastic bust made of Sanjjanaa’s size was also used. Sanjjanaa clarified to the media that she would never do vulgar and cheap roles. The above discussed scene didn’t involve any rape, vulgarity, molestation and cheapness.


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