Saturday, January 15, 2011

Young actress Bhanu (Muktha) sexy pics

Muktha George, renamed as Bhanu in Tamil, is the new beautiful and sexy girl from Kerala who is being introduced in the Tamil film by director Hari in his film Thamirabarani. Banu is an extra ordinary actor. Muktha is just studying in the 9th stabdard! . Bhanu, who has already done a film “Achanurangaatha veedu in Malayalam in the name of Muktha.There she got a big attention already. Muktha’s fist malayalam movie is “Achanurangatha Veedu” directed by the malayalam hit maker “Lal Jose”. Muktha in Malayalam got one more film in Malayalam named “Goal” by the famous Malayalam director “Kamal”. And the film is a big hit in Kerala. Her other Movies are Nasrani, Kancheepurathe Kalyanam.

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