Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sreelekha Mitra clevage show pics

Sreelekha Mitra is a Bengali Indian female actress of TV and films. She has become a well known face on the small screen industry with her 'Lays Ad' pairing with Saif Ali Khan, after a four year gap where she did an ad with Aamir Khan for Coke. We are talking about Sreelekha Mitra and the bombshell will soon be seen setting the screens on fire with her new film 'Tollylights', which boasts of having some really steamy scenes.

Sreelekha Mitra Filmography

Smritimedur (Unreleased) 2008
Antarotamo 2008
Hello Kolkata 2008
Tolly Lights 2008
Tumi Robe Nirobe 2008
Kantatar 2006
Ek Mutho Chhabi 2005
Debdoot 2004
Tin Ekke Tin 2004
Mando Meyer Upakshan 2003
Annadata 2002
Tak Misti Jiban 2002
Jabab Chai 2001
Aamader Sansar 2000
Apan Holo Par 2000
Madhu Malati 1999
Sankha Sindurer Dibbi 1999
Aamar Maa 1998
Hathat Brishti 1998
Mayer Dibyi 1998
Nag Nagini 1998
Nayaner Alo 1998
Sagar Banya 1998
Joyee 1997
Samadhan 1997
Saptami 1997
Sei Raat 1996


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