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Gopika Interview

Following a successful stint in Malayalam and Tamil films, Gopika took a break after getting married to settle in Ireland with husband, Ajilesh. She is now all set to make a comeback with Swa Le

After a break, you are now coming back to acting with Swa Le (Swantham Lekhakan).

I won’t like to call it a comeback, since I wasn’t away from films for too long. It’s hardly over a year that I took a break after getting married. Anyway, it was a good story that came seeking me, a good role which I felt I should do. The team, especially Dileep, P. Sukumar etc, was one that I knew very well and felt at home working with. The dates too were comfortable for me. It was thus that I came to be part of the film.

How was it, acting once again?

As I said, it was not a long break for me. So, it was as usual for me. The people here were all known to me and they all welcomed me back in a grand way. I was happy, but I don’t think I took a break long enough to be accorded a welcome back kind of thing.

Tell us about your role in Swa Le.

I am playing Vimala, the wife of Unni Madhavan, the protagonist of the movie, played by Dileep. Unni Madhavan is a newspaper reporter and is always busy. He gets a meager income and is always late in reaching home. There are lots of problems that Vimala has to face on account of this. Vimala is pregnant and she doesn’t get the care and attention of her husband in a big way because he is always away and busy.

Does the character have any likeness to the one you played in Veruthe Oru Bharya?

No, not at all. The two characters are temperamentally different.

Have you got any plans to act in more movies at present?

It depends. In fact, as I said earlier, I did this film because I liked the subject, the dates suited me and the team was one that I was very comfortable with.

How’s life in Ireland? How do Malayalees there respond to the presence of a star amongst them?

Life is going great. I am very happy in my role as a housewife, looking after my house and my husband. Malayalees, when we meet them, do of course greet me and smile and wave, but their everyone is rather busy with their work and lives.
As for me, in my free time, I contact friends, talk with them, surf the net, chat with my near and dear ones, read etc.

Do you miss doing movies?

Not really. Of course I always loved and still love doing movies. But by nature I am someone who doesn’t like being busy always. Hence I am happy with the way things are.

You have been active in Malayalam as well as Tamil films. Which do you miss the most?

Malayalam, no doubt but this doesn’t mean that I don’t like doing Tamil films. But Malayalam is my mother tongue and Malayalam Cinema made me an actress. Hence, I shall always give priority to Malayalam films.

Which ones have been your favourite roles, till date?

All the roles that I have done are my favourite ones. Still in Malayalam there’s Veruthe Oru Bharya and Chanthupottu; and in Tamil there are many, including Autograph

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