Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cloud Computing Basics

Instead of sending a snail mail which could take weeks, a single email could be read in a matter of seconds. Even with a simple connection, exchange of information could be done – chat and updates on new data can also be done through the internet.

Although the same things could be done without internet, the experience that come from internet has become so much more. Through improvement of communications infrastructure, the internet was able to move away from the regular phone line and has a dedicated connection.

Dial-up connection is almost a thing of the past as more household adapt to dedicated lines with increasing internet connection. Wireless connectivity with almost the same speed is not possible. You do not need to drag a cable around, you just have a decent internet connection.

Because of the increasing capability of the internet, developers have looked beyond information sharing. Certain functions in desktop could now be done online. Office documents could be uploaded and extracted or even worked on at the same time online. Data processing is not limited anymore to your desktop as the increasing capacity of online connectivity has made it possible to emulate or even surpass local data processing.

Cloud Computing is Born

The rapid improvement of the capacity of online connectivity gave birth to cloud computing. Although the term was already used since the 90s, the actual adoption of cloud computing in relation to online computing started in the 21st century.


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