Thursday, October 14, 2010


Kajol is HOT-for a variety of reasons and it is not just for her physicality. Spontaneity is her hallmark. Kajol is also one of the few actresses who has a sense of humor. Sense of humor is infectious and with people like Ajay Devgan(Bollywood’s biggest prankster), Shahrukh Khan and Karan Johar, the lady has developed a gift of gab.
The sexiness of Kajol lies in her charm. She exudes a radiance that overwhelms all the other actors around. She can be quite a child at one time and a matured lady in the other minute, all in a snap. Kajol bloomed in the 90s and looks ripe, mature and sexy in 2007. Where other girls of 90s have withered and lost their charm, Kajol still looks hot and naturally beautiful. Sexy Kajol has earned a place in Bollywood which is almost impossible to replace. Kajol surely is a timeless beauty who keeps looking better with age. No wonder, she looked her best in Fanaa (2006). Kajol detests make-up and the arty-farty look. Unless it is function with a prominent dress code, Kajol has this sisterly, messed-up or out of bed look