Wednesday, October 27, 2010

epass scholorships| BC,EBC,SC,ST scholorships Renewal online

The applications for renewals were already being accepted from October 21. This year Government estimated `3,900 crore would be required for the implementation fee reimbursement scheme.

12,300 colleges which had been drawing scholarship and fee reimbursement for students till now, only 9,903 had registered online. The government has ordered an inquiry whether amounts were withdrawn in the name of 2,406 non existing colleges. It suspects that these colleges might be existing only on paper and maintaining a fake roll of students. In spite of repeated reminders, these colleges failed to register themselves before drawing money towards scholarships and fee reimbursement. Out of the 12,309 listed colleges in the State, only 9,903 have registered themselves online. Renewal of scholarships/reimbursements began on October 20 whereas fresh sanctions would be made from November 15.